Our products

Our high quality made e-juices are designed for all sorts of vaping e-cigarettes designed for e-juice liquids.

As a pure oil our product will burn away completely to pure carbon, leaving no sticky residue or mess behind to clog your vaporizer, migh be dark green coloured. All of our oils are 100% cannabis oil and is never mixed or cut with anything.

"Medicate anywhere"

I can medicate anywhere with no need to excuse myself and leave social gathering just to return smelling like a marijuana joint.


“Liquid cannabis oil extract is all the rage for those who are fans of both marijuana and vaporizers. It is so far the healthiest and most effective way of smoking marijuana. Vaporizers have become the ubiquitous gadget for the modern-day cannabis enthusiast” 


If you want to consume cannabis oil, you can opt for using cannabis Drops. When using cannabis Drops you can get all the goodness of the cannabis plant without the side effects associated with smoking. Simply pop into your mouth and voila! 


This healing salve is a powerful topical that may be used as an anti-inflammatory to ease aches and pains while also soothing skin irritations. Enjoy deep relief without the psychoactive effect of cannabis. We carefully blend the infusion with other herbs to offer a unique salve that works on many levels. Common uses include arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, burns, rashes, anti-wrinkle, scar prevention, skin cell regeneration, sun spots, tattoo healing and to ease menstrual cramps, insomnia, migraines & headaches.

Our Sweets Collection

Pharmacutically Filtered 3 x for the cleanest smoothest taste in all products